Ancient Wisdom, Breath, Energy, Music & Movement 

Familiarize yourself with the ancient wisdom, art, music, yoga & martial arts work of Neil Spencer, DJ Shams & Tabrizi (or simply Shams).

Shams is primarily a private yoga instructor, teaching online through Facebook, or Skype, and in person. He enjoys working with people who have sustained injuries, because he's injured himself - and knows the desire of getting back to health. His best friend suffered a stroke, and he has a soft spot for helping stroke survivors use meditation and yoga to help the brain heal, and regain basic motor function. 

He loves working with people who are looking to push themselves beyond what they ever imagined their body could accomplish - through hard work, discipline, conscious intention of practice, and increased awareness of how the body moves in space. 

He believes that developing an at home restorative practice is not only key to healing from injury, but also the key to helping the deep muscle fascia recover quicker - so that training can remain constant, and at an intensity of the highest level. 

Get in touch if you'd like for him to come lead an arm balance + inversion + handstand + transition workshop; breathwork + meditation + subtle energy workshop; or tai chi & qigong workshop.  Live DJ'ing a yoga class with spiritual deep house beats, is also one of his favorite ways to share space & energy as well!